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Work smarter for fewer hours, and in the process of growing a healthier practice, discover a happier, more balanced life, too. The ultimate better way to be a lawyer.

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Make Your Move

You’re a partner at a law firm with more space than you need and concerned about committing to a large sublease. Only at Amata can you add office space the same day or subtract office space without penalty with 60 days notice.

Your firm is growing but you don’t quite need a full time paralegal. Only at Amata will you find on-site, on-demand paralegals and law clerks to handle court filings, doc prep, and more.

You’re a managing partner who recognizes that your attorneys need a better referral stream. With 700+ attorneys in Amata’s unparalleled downtown network, referrals are a big reason why our retention is 98%.


Legal Admin Support

Built-in Attorney Networking

Legal Work Environment

You’ve always wanted to go solo but can’t see your clients coming to a co-working space. Either can we. At Amata we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind legal work environment that’s as polished and professional as you and your practice.

Remote Work Options

You’re an out-of-town attorney and want to grow your practice in the Chicago market. Only Amata offers you three virtual programs to choose from ranging from 100% virtual to 100% private, and anything in between.

Customized Contracts

You’re a law firm with special contractual requirements that make boilerplate contracts onerous. In nearly 20 years of signing agreements with law firms, we’ve seen it all. It’s tough to stump us!

Our private law offices and virtual law office programs make it easy to set up your Chicago practice and keep your firm running smoothly.

There's a Better Way to Be a Lawyer

You run the practice, we’ll run the office. 

Allow us to:

Negotiate with the landlord

This is how you'll grow.

Where else can you get the trusted resources of a large firm, on-demand, minus the politics and the stress?

Come to Amata and Flourish

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There’s a Better Bottom Line, Too:

What Defines Your Law Firm?

Is it your office? We don’t think so. Your clients care much more about your IP and less about where you work. In fact, the law firms at Amata think we design our offices to please their clients, and though that’s a secondary benefit, the primary objective behind all of our decisions is creating an environment where the best legal work can happen and the best legal minds can flourish. Consider...

What if 50% of your firm is at the office and the other 50% is virtual every day?

What if someone else handles the back office for you?

What if you sublease space you’re not using?

And what if you do all three?

This is what we do at Amata: we explore innovative ways to support your practice so you can do more of what you do best -- help people. The result? Grateful clients, happy attorneys, healthy practice.

Maximize your IP, minimize your stress. Life is good.

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The Future of Legal Practice Summed up in One Word: Choice

Imagine if the person who ran the back office for one of the nation’s top 20 law firms ran yours. 

Meet Ron Bockstahler, Founder & CEO of Amata Law Office Suites.

One of the most significant lessons Ron learned in the back office is that attorneys, with few exceptions, don’t necessarily want to run a business, they want to help people. At Amata, we’re consumed with how can we make the business of helping people more efficient, more professional, more pleasurable, and more profitable. And the answer to that is choice.

One size definitely does not fit all. Every firm has to find the unique combination of space and support services that suits it best. Amata’s mission is to make those choices available to law firms of every size, from solopreneurs to international practices, and help them find that perfect fit that allows them to flourish.

Holding a 20,000 square foot lease and wanting to sublet a third of it?

Shared Law Office Suites - A combination of both Private and Virtual Offices plus back-office and legal support services.

Stalled at a large firm and thinking of going solo?

Virtual Office - Access to common areas at one location plus phone and mail service.

What Suits Your Firm?

If we haven’t offered what you need, talk to us. And whatever you choose, you’re never stuck. Unlike anywhere else, we’ll work with you. Whether you’re scaling up or down, you can change your choice without penalty.

Choice is freedom. That’s what Amata offers - the freedom to practice in a way that suits you and your firm best, and grants you a healthy, balanced life as you watch it flourish and grow. 

Come practice your best at Amata.

Managing a solo practice that’s growing rapidly?

Private Office - A dedicated office plus back-office and legal support services. 

Planning to take your firm national and open a satellite office in Chicago?

Virtual Office Plus - Access to common areas on all 7 floors plus phone and mail service, and conference room credit.

Managing a solo practice that’s growing rapidly?

Private Office - A dedicated office plus back-office and legal support services. 

Stalled at a large firm and thinking of going solo?

Virtual Office - Access to common areas at one location plus phone and mail service.

Come to Amata and flourish

Answer the phones

Hire a paralegal

Furnish the office

Chase receivables

Help grow referrals

Find a translator

Invoice the clients

File your cases in court

Handle document prep

Sublease your unused space

You’d cut nearly 50% of your overhead and create a dynamic workplace where great things can happen.

You eliminate admin staff, use legal support as-needed, benefit from the economies of scale.

You could shrink your overhead significantly, share the savings, and get a life.

If you do all three with one provider, you’re probably working with us already, Chicago’s only legal-centric work environment.

The Future of Legal Practice Summed up in One Word: 

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